Monday, June 8, 2009

Amazing Women...

This was a great meeting with Lorene Yost as our guest! She brought lots of fun energy and inspiration to this wonderful group of ladies!
We altered Glue Glider Pros and it was super fun to see all the different styles we have in the group!

Glue Glider Angels!

Birgitte's gun. not totally finished. modpodge, tissue paper and stamps!

Teri's gun. she squirted big drop of stickles on the gun then pushed a gem in the middle to get a perfect ring of sparkles around it!

having a brain fart on whoes this is. I know I know but I can't think of it. so cute tho! love the girl!

This was also swap month. on the last month of each 3 month cycle, we do a swap, this time was a coin envelope embellished and filled with embellies!
Krystals amazing ribbon hedgehog envelopes
can't remember who did these! I have to get better at taking the pictures with the peeps! and no one signed theirs. we have to sign from now on ladies!!

I Know the bags came from Danette. she said she had too much fun making these gifts for everyone!

I knwo these were Krysties. They have cool blue wings on them but it is a little hard to tell...
these were mine. three of them took a swim in my pool. long story...
Kat's she went to town with the heat embossing.
Darn, Im so sorry girls! if you tell me which is yours Iwill add your name! sorry!
Each month we share something we have created, either with the kit or just something we made. Here are some photos of our lovely works of heart!

Christine made this adorable purse and then gave it to me as a gift. There was even a goody inside and i loved it!
Jodi's cute baseball glove book. the paint on it made it look like leather!
I asked for 6x6 pages of each member to make a cool banner to hang in the crop room. This is Jen's
And here is Becky's page for the banner. cute how the letters hang off the bottom!
Lisa always amazes us with her creativity. this is her altered vintage toaster. complete with photo toast!

Ruth did a cute book all about sisters. with vintage photos!
Krystal did a fantastic page and even sewed rosettes from the hankerchief that I wrapped the kits in a few months ago.
Brenda has gone totally into Wall Art mode. She has been making the most amazing framed pieces!

Nancy did a cute book about her doll house tea party. She won the doll house at a Scrapbook Royalty event!
Debby made a mini wall hanging that was just adorable
button bird house is on display at Pink right now!
sally brought her doll from a doll swap we did. It was inspirational!