Friday, July 10, 2009

What do independent women do? We Scrap!!!

This is the first month of new cycle and we had some new gals join us! It is always fun to have fresh faces and ideas join our group. So we started a new book, "The Scrapbooker's Handwritting Workshop by Crystal Jeffrey Rieger. She was going to send us a note and a make and take but got caught up at a teaching gig and didnt make the mail in time... so she is hopefully going to send something before our next meeting.. We got right into the book and started practicing. It was so fun to see how Crystal has disected every aspect of writing! The book is amazingly detailed and definitely worth it!

Each month we bring projects that we have created and share them. Here is some of the inspiration that was shared!

Kat creates a 1 year book for all the kids in her family. what an adorable baby!

Each member is doing a 6x6 layout of themself for a banner that I am working on that will be displayed in the store.

Some wonderful covered journals
We had such a good time joking about this layout. Ruth took Becky's wedding photo and embellished it. It was so cute! Becky was embarrased but I still think she is so lucky to have such a crafty mom!

this canvas was inspired by the kit last month which contained some metal flowers and flourishes, beads and a huge stick pin!

Danette finished altering her glue glider pro and brought it to share. Love the finished project!

Teri couldnt get enough of blinging and altering stuff so she went to town on her Bind it All!

This is an adorable picture of Jennifer, her contribution to the banner in progress. I love how she used the zipper from a couple of kits ago to create a border!

This is Elena's Canvas from an Emily Falconbridge class that she took at Pink. (ok, I am Elena and it is too weird to write in 3rd person!!) It's my canvas and it makes me smile!

Jen made this amazing canvas inspired by the metal flower flourishes in the kit and we all just about died it was so amazing! She used metal from the hardware store, too scissors to it and went to town. She did warn us all that the edges could cut off a finger!

It was Kat and Brenda's B-days. Jennifer and Lisa brough birthday cupcakes to celebrate the occasion!
This is a photo when I dropped Kat off at her house, well, she dropped me off at her house to get my car, oh whatever, anyway, i made her this little altered doll and she said she loved it and I was thrilled.