Friday, April 9, 2010

April 2010 Book Club

Book Club was a little different this month as we met in a house in Carlsbad. We missed our beloved Pink Pineapple, however, after hearing from Krystie, we are looking forward to the future plans of Pink and Scrapbook Club. After a short discussion, the members decided that just being together and sharing is one of the main draws of Book Club. The consensus was that rather than stop Book Club during Pink's transition to a new store, we would rather keep it going and be a roaming club for a few months.

April was the last month of this cycle using the book, Layered, Tattered and Stitched by Ruth Rae. We had a "show and tell" session that included some wonderful ideas that came straight from the book.

We previously arranged to do a garden themed swap this cycle. Wow! You ladies rose to the occasion with a plethora of ideas, everyone being uniquely different and beautiful. Check out some of the fantastic artwork that each of us had the privilege of taking home.

Jen's Mini Butterfly made from Shrinky Dinks

Bonnie's wall plaque

Elena's Tag and Krystie's Altered Seed Packets

Kat's ATC and Ally's Mini Banner

Glenna's Note Card and Judy's Altered Notebook

Dee's Crocheted Butterflies

Kristal's hand painted vases filled with fresh Sweet Peas

Pam's Tag

Danette's Mini Book

Next month, Book Club will be held at the Carlsbad Boys and Girls Club. The address is 3115 Roosevelt, 92008. It is located one block South of Carlsbad Village Drive. The entrance to the building is on Oak.

The book we will be using is called, Delight in the Details by Lisa M. Pace. You can purchase on your own, or let me know and I will add you to the list.

We discussed in April's meeting that we would like to do a "Garage Sale" so for May, bring a box of stuff. You know, stuff that you're just sure you'll never use or don't want, anymore. Put your name on stickers and put the stickers on each item. We will shop each other stuff and make offers on price. Feel free to price your items if you like, but keep in mind that we are definitely bargain hunting.

Look forward to Alisa Burke and Ruth Rae coming to Book Club, as our guests in the near future.

Our next Book Club meeting is Thursday, May 6th.

Ciao for now!

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